Since 2014 Venture Southland has carried out an annual business survey to determine the challenges, pressures and opportunities that are present in the Southland business community.

Venture Southland Business Survey

The survey allows local businesses to voice concerns they have and provides a snapshot of the Southland business environment for the year.

The survey covers a wide range of topics including exporting markets, strategic challenges, planning, online presence, networking, community involvement and tries to determine the business confidence levels across the Southland region.

Venture Southland uses the results of the survey to guide the direction of their strategic projects and business services on offer.

Findings of the survey are shared with Councils, local businesses and government departments to assist with their planning and communications around key business concerns.

Information obtained from the survey allows Venture Southland to track business trends over and assess the impact of significant business developments in the region.

Southland Business Survey Results


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Adina McDowell

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