Appointed as Venture Southland’s chief executive in 2012, Casson has lead the organisation to achieve many successful outcomes for the Southland region during his seven-year tenure.  

Venture Southland Chief Executive Paul Casson announced his resignation at the start of this week and will be leaving the role at the end of May.

Casson said that although the timing was right for him to move on, he was committed to ensuring that his remaining time in the role contributed to a smooth transition for Venture Southland to the Southland Regional Development Agency.

The Southland Regional Development Agency will be a council-controlled organisation designed to achieve the goals outlined in the 2015 Southland Regional Development Strategy Action Plan.

It is likely that the entity will incorporate many of the activities Venture Southland currently delivers, but this will be confirmed by the new directors of the agency.

Casson will work closely with the directors, which are likely to be appointed in the coming weeks, to ensure a successful handover and lay a strong foundation for the entity moving forward.

Although not yet sure what his next employment prospects would be, he was comfortable with his decision and was looking forward to relocating to Dunedin with his family.

“I’ve enjoyed my time in the role and have been lucky to work alongside a very talented and diverse team who are all passionate about achieving great things for the Southland region,” he said.

While the details and structure of the Southland Regional Development Agency are being formalised, work continues at Venture Southland to coordinate initiatives and events that contribute to the development and promotion of the Southland region.