Data released by Education New Zealand has shown an increase in the number of International education enrolments for Southland.

Southland achieved a 3% increase in international student enrolments for 2017 when compared to enrolment data collected for 2016.

The results were particularly significant given that there was a 5% national decrease in enrolments for the same period.  

Venture Southland international education manager said the increased enrolments reflected the range of opportunities available in Southland.

“More and more students are choosing to study in Southland – a region that offers great lifestyle, affordable living and some of the best education opportunities in New Zealand,” Dondalski said.

Joice Dondalski - staff photo

The Chilean international education market recorded the largest growth with three times the number of students in 2017 when compared with 2016 data.

Significant growth was also identified in the number of Brazilian students, with a 131% increase in enrolments when compared to 2016 data. The Fijian and Philippian markets followed this trend with increases of 88% and 66% respectively.

Dondalski said it was pleasing to see a diverse range of markets represented in Southland’s international education sector.

“Diversity will help ensure the long-term sustainability of international education in the Southland region,” Dondalski said.

A range of initiatives are carried out each year to attract students to the region including attending education tradeshows and developing promotional material, and support networks.

Dondalski said a major component to Southland’s success in the international education sector was listening to students.

“We regularly engage with international students to see what is working, and what more we can do to improve their experience in the region,” Dondalski said.

As part of this continual improvement, an international student survey has been launched to better understand student needs, and plan support activities in the region.

The survey is open to both current and former international students and will close on August 12, 2018.

The survey results will help guide international education practices and support further growth of international education in Southland.

“We’re committed to making sure international students have a great experience while studying in Southland and encouraging them to become advocates for the region,” Dondalski said.