Southland is known for its strong and vibrant communities which contribute to a quality of life not found elsewhere.

Venture Southland, by way of its funding agreement with Southland District Council (SDC), is proud to play a part in supporting local communities to maintain this proud Southland community spirit.

Community Assistance and Support

Venture Southland empowers groups and organisations across the Southland District to build independent and sustainable communities. This is achieved by community capacity building, providing funding advice, facilitating community planning, and supporting communities to implement their own local initiatives.

Venture Southland has five Community Development Planners working across the District who work with communities as far north as Garston, as far west as Milford, and as far east as Curio Bay.

Community Capacity and Capability Building

Venture Southland builds community capacity by supporting groups across the District to develop the skills and knowledge needed to enable their communities to thrive. Examples of this include aiding constitutional and governance processes, facilitating communication and collaboration, and supporting community action around a wide range of projects.

Community Funding

Venture Southland assists local community groups with funding advice, planning, and wider coordination. Staff aim to support community groups to investigate potential funding options and provide advice and support during the funding process.

Community Planning

Venture Southland works with Southland District Council to support a District-wide approach to identifying and addressing community needs, maintaining a future focus, and developing community leadership.

Local Community Initiatives

Venture Southland supports local communities by providing advice and assistance to a number of local initiatives that address and enhance many aspects of community life and wellbeing. This assistance may come in the form of project management, facilitation, and administration.


Each year Venture Southland facilitates free community workshops across the Southland District. Previous workshop topics have included health and safety for the volunteer sector, good governance practice, and most recently the workshop on “Surviving and Thriving as a Community Organisation”.

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Bobbi Brown

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