Venture Southland works with media and travel sellers (trade) to ensure that the tourism industry has a good understanding of the Southland tourism proposition, and has the information to sell Southland as a destination.

Promotion via Media Channels

Venture Southland pitch to and host media to raise the profile of Southland to domestic and international markets. This is achieved by showcasing Southland targeted to specific media firsthand and to gain coverage in various channels (both traditional and online).

Venture Southland work closely with Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) through their International Media Programme (IMP) and SOUTH (Chirstchurch International Airport Limited) to support key international market messages. Domestically, Venture Southland partners with an array of media channels ranging from NZME and MediaWorks to specialised media and social influencers.

Recent media highlights for Southland

Promotion via Trade Channels

Developing trade channels which direct business to Southland is a key method of destination promotion. Venture Southland works with local tourism operators to prepare their businesses for trade and then shares these businesses through a variety of trade channels (including inbound operators, wholesalers, Tourism New Zealand and retailers including the i-SITE network).

Venture Southland builds relationships with these channels through activities such as the trade manual, attending trade shows and ongoing personal communications. These relationships are converted through Venture Southland undertaking custom follow ups, providing itinerary collateral and hosting familiarisations.

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