International education is an essential part of Venture Southland's promotion and attraction programmes.

Work in this area involves promoting Southland as a quality education destination to education agents, international students and their families.

In response to the Southland Regional Development Strategy, Venture Southland partnered with Southland education providers, local councils, iwi and community representatives to form the Southern Education Alliance.

This Alliance works alongside Education New Zealand to deliver its Regional Partnership Programme, which is designed to support the development and growth of international education across New Zealand, and to provide a coordinated approach to expanding international education opportunities in Southland.

The Alliance operates under the ‘Study Southland’ brand which is used to promote Southland education services around the world, develop international education opportunities and help grow the Southland region at the same time.

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Study Southland aims to deliver high-quality educational programmes, valuable partnerships, and excellent services to promote an enriching lifestyle and successful outcome for international students. Together these result in lasting benefits for both international students and the Southland region.

Central to the ongoing development of this international education in the region is the Southern Regional International Education Strategy which sets out the vision, mission, values, goals and objectives required to advance international education in Southland.

As a result of significant investment in relationship building, direct marketing and being part of ongoing education delegations overseas, Southland has seen steady growth in the numbers of international student numbers.

The strategy alongside a focus on international education projects to attract more students to the Southland region will encourage broader global connections and help Southland achieve greater multiculturalism, innovation and vibrancy across its small towns and rural communities.

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