Venture Southland works in partnership with Education New Zealand (ENZ) as part of its Regional Partnership Programme (RPP).

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The Education New Zealand Regional Partnership Programme is designed to support the development and growth of international education in 15 different regions across New Zealand. The Southern Education Alliance (SEA) and subsequent “Study Southland” brand, which is supported by Venture Southland, is part of this initiative.

Study Southland represents the education providers of the Southland region, including primary and secondary schools as well as the Southern Institute of Technology.

Study Southland focuses on the promotion of Southland as a quality educational destination to education agents, parents and students. One of the key marketing channels is via the website and its Facebook page.

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Over the past decade the international education sector in Southland has developed increasingly through significant investment in relationship building, direct marketing and also by having delegations overseas. These initiatives have resulted in a steady growth in international student numbers in the Southland region.

International Education in Southland by 2025

A focus on international education projects and the attraction of more students and families to the Southland region will encourage broader global connections and a more innovative and competitive community.

By working with a wide range of international partners and markets Southland will achieve greater multiculturalism and vibrancy across its small towns and rural communities. This will also contribute to further diversity in schools, organisations, clubs and groups around the province. Contributing to the goal of attracting more people to the region as part of the Southland Regional Development Strategy.

This increased diversity will help the region to gain greater international exposure as students share their positive experiences of Southland with their friends and families.

Alongside increasing diversity, an international education focus will expand economic activity by increasing GDP, and boost tourism numbers by attracting friends and families of students' to the region.

The above will only be able to be achieved through support from key stakeholders. The range of organisations in the Study Southland stakeholder group outlines the collective approach required to the development of the Southern Regional International Education Strategy:

  • Education New Zealand
  • Venture Southland
  • Southern Institute of Technology
  • Secondary Schools
  • Primary Schools

Representatives from the above groups form the Southern Education Alliance Governance Group who are charged with implementing the Strategy and promoting Southland as a preferred International Education destination.

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Joice Dondalski

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