Venture Southland supports Film Otago-Southland to promote and develop local film industry opportunities, capacity and capability.

Southland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for film and television production companies due to its diverse landscape. A range of productions ranging in size have been shot in the Southland region, exposing it to a wide national and international audience, as well as having a significant economic and social impact on the region.

The productions carried out in Southland have been a mix of films, television shows, documentaries and advertisements which have been shot on locations around the Southland region.

Southland’s landscape provides a unique production set for film makers, which is complemented by a skilled workforce based in and around Southland as well as world class facilities and services.

About Film Otago-Southland 

Film Otago Southland is a collaboration representing six areas in the southern half of New Zealand's South Island – Southland, Queenstown Lakes, Central Otago, Waitaki, Dunedin and Clutha and covers the established film offices of Film Queenstown and Film Dunedin. Film Otago-Southland have the third largest production centre in New Zealand with an established industry and infrastructure.

Film Otago-Southland co-ordinates with the local authorities to provide a seamless production experience throughout an incredibly diverse range of locations.

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Film and Television Productions

In 2016-17, 37 productions ranging in size were undertaken which gained valuable exposure for the Southland region. This included 16 film and television productions being secured in the first five months of the 2017 year with a mix of films, television shows, documentaries and advertisements being shot on locations around the Southland region. 

A major success for the 2017 year was The Ultimate Waterman which was produced by Red Bull TV and screened in 121 countries with coverage reaching over 30 million viewers in the US alone.