Venture Southland's work programme is determined each year through consultation with its major stakeholders.

This consultation results in a letter of expectation being sent to Venture Southland on behalf of the three Southland councils. The letter proposes identified council priorities and strategic projects for Venture Southland to develop throughout the year.

In response to the letter Venture Southland develops a work programme for the coming year which acknowledges council priorities, projects and strategies that will contribute to making Southland a preferred place to visit, work and live. 

2017-18 Work Programme

Priorities for the 2017/18 year

  • Support the implementation of the Southland Regional Development Strategy Action Plan as lead by the Mayoral Forum.
  • Southland Regional Development Strategy priority areas are to be the priority economic development projects for the Southland region – and are to be reflected in the Venture Southland economic development priority areas of focus. This will mean existing projects like Oats, Silica, Oil and Gas are to take a lower priority to enable resource reallocation as required.
  • Visitor experience product and packaging development opportunities are to be progressed to support ‘trade ready commissionable product development across the region. This is acknowledged as a high priority focus with the requirement that additional resources be invested and allocated to product development and less on industry familarisations and destination marketing initiatives as required.
  • Southland Regional Labour Market Strategy – strong emphasis required on investing in and resourcing the implementation and delivery of key actions identified in this strategy.
  • Development of an approach and a platform for aligning, planning, coordinating and funding of events across the region.
  • Development of two new events in the Southland region.
  • Completion of the Aeromagnetic Geological Survey project and development of the data for councils, industry and community to access and utilise.
  • Support the Southland Regional Heritage Committee to lead the Southland Museum Network Concept Design and Development Project as initiated by the Southland Mayoral Forum.
  • Completion of the Invercargill i-SITE review and implementation of key findings aligned with Southland Regional Development Strategy priorities.
  • Maintain an advocacy role to support the resource allocation of the Southland Digital Strategy and associated implementation requirements.